Friday, May 28, 2004

American Ass-Face

It looks like American Taliban John Walker whatever-he-calls-himself (currently rotting in the Big House) was not a unique case. This leaky bag of wet shit, Adam Gadahn (formerly Adam Pearlman), is another American youth who has joined the enemy. Same fucking story too. Confused young man from an affluent area of California (surprised?) converts to Islam as a teenager and through a series of whacky misadventures ends up as a terrorist. He is currently one of the most wanted men in the country.

We will see more of these dicks in the future. The same thing happened in the 1970s. Spoiled pencil-neck geeks from the heart of pampered suburbia filled with self-righteous anger at the Western world for not being utopia and seething with hatred at its citizens for not being angels take up arms against the nations that gave them everything. Remember the Weather Underground? (By coincidence a documentary on the 70s era terrorist group just came out on DVD. It's worth watching. I was surprised how often the former members used the word 'cult' to describe the group.) They, along with Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army, were the quintessential examples of this phenomenon. Remember the Red Brigades? The Baeder-Meinhoff Gang? The Japanese Red Army Faction?

It’s largely forgotten now, but in the 70s home-grown Marxist groups waged a low-level terror campaign throughout Europe and the US. Robbed banks, hijacked planes, kidnapped and assassinated the Prime Minister of Italy. Shot up the airport in Rome. Violent clashes with police were a common event. Indeed Germany’s current Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer, was caught on camera beating a fallen German cop 25 years ago when he was a radical tough.

The Wraith predicts that over the coming few years you will see more young radical Americans “convert” to Islam as a statement of their radicalism. And it will really shock parents who have grown tolerant of face piercings and tattoos. It’s Radical Chic, 21st Century style. Not all of these dumbasses will become terrorists, just as all of the faux-Marxist posers didn’t build bombs. Many of these people will be as sincere in their Islam as the 70s radicals were in their Marxism, which is to say not at all.

Nevertheless some of them will join the ranks of our enemy. Unlike the 70s, today there is a large, organized, well-funded network of determined terrorist who will sacrifice their lives and the lives of others to kill Americans, the more the better. These weak minded kids, drunk on their own anger, may inadvertently become pawns in schemes far larger and more complex than they can imagine. Islamists will not hesitate to exploit these useful American idiots at every opportunity.

I’ve already linked to a long article about Palestinianism at UC Berkeley, the Mecca for the spoiled and angry. The kaliffa has replaced the Che t-shirt for stylish radical youth. Here’s a great example, laughing it up as he supports Hamas.

Imagine - in order to shock his oh-so-tolerant parents and to out-radical his extremist roommates, Toby, the “nice boy down the street,” will throw out his hacky-sack, his Phish t-shirts and his bong, come home from college and announce that he is now Ahmed Muhammed. He’ll get up early, spread a small rug on the well-maintained and expensive backyard, and pray to Allah, as they do in Qatar, for the destruction of Christians and Jews.
"O Allah, destroy the usurper Jews and the vile Christians. O Allah, destroy the Jews. O Allah, pour your anger on them. O Allah, destroy them."


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